Blue sculpture of Leia SFEZ and Hermine Bourdin
Leia SFEZ + Hermine Bourdin - La Femme Bleue
Sculpture and collaboration between Leia SFEZ and Hermine Bourdin

La Femme Bleue

Leia Sfez + Hermine Bourdin

Leia Sfez and Hermine Bourdin collaborate on a limited serie of 22 sculptures celebrating feminine strength.

€ 3600

Color :
Finishing : Extra Matte
Dimensions (Approximately) :
H34cm (13in)/ W34cm (13in)/ L11cm (4in)

Each sculpture requires between 10 and 15 hours of work. La Femme Bleue comes with a certificate of authenticity provide by Artrust™ with Bubble Seal™ technology. All pieces are numbered and signed.

Each sculpture is unique and sculpted by hand.
Sizes and shapes may vary. All sales are final.
Sold Out

The Paris-based entrepreneur and model Leia Sfez and artist Hermine Bourdin are excited to present ‘La Femme Bleue’, a limited series of unique sculptures intended as a paean to female strength and creativity. Realised in Bourdin’s signature voluptuous form, the artworks are rendered in coated sandstone of vivid cobalt-blue colour.

With the luminous blue hue that characterizes ‘La Femme Bleue’, Sfez wanted to instill a new pigment in Bourdin’s work, moving away from her habitual neutral tones towards an electric color that proves irresistibly eye-catching. A symbol of female freedom, strength and confidence, the sculpture is designed to appeal to the senses. 

Bourdin’s work is inspired by full-bodied sensuality and curvaceous female forms. Many of her works contain organic circular openings in their centers, signifying the life-giving power of the womb and paying tribute to the creative strength and resilience of women. She creates hand-worked sculptures and objects informed by her research in her studio in the north of Paris, working in sandstone, plaster and stone. More recently, she has been experimenting with digital art.

Copyright © 2022 Hermine Bourdin and Leia Sfez. All rights reserved.
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